Carrie & Steph, co-creators of living anatome.

The living anatome (LA) program was developed in 2004 by Dr. Stephanie Pieczenik Marango and Dr. Carrie McCulloch, graduates of the Mount Sinai School of Medicine (MSSM), who are also yoga and Pilates instructors, respectively; it was, and continues to be, supported by the good graces and fantastic sense of humor of Dr. Jeffrey Laitman, the MSSM Director of Anatomy.

Dr. Laitman, the LA's greatest supporter, makes a cameo appearance during class.

The first LA class originated as a gift to Stephanie & Carrie’s awesome med school classmates—a way to make the anatomy textbooks, dissection manuals, and cadavers come to life. Literally. And the concept was a hit! After all, what’s not to like about a little downward dog and relaxation structured into the course of a busy med school day?!


Since that first incarnation, LA grew leaps and bounds to become an official component of the Gross Anatomy curriculum at Mount Sinai. Along the way, research was conducted, papers were written, and LA fortuitously received attention and accolades from:

And the adventure continues…

Throughout the years, Stephanie & Carrie have received numerous requests (mainly from med schools, PT schools and fitness studios) to bring the LA classes to more venues. However, with only two people, limited time (LA classes were once taught in scrubs post-call while on the third-year surgery rotations), and even more limited funds, it’s been a struggle. This site represents the best attempt to catapult LA to anyone & everyone who wants to learn, teach, and continue to spread the anatomy love. It’s not just about what LA is or was, but—with the contribution of all interested & interactive parties—what it can be.