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You’re not done studying for the shelf exam, you still have a power point presentation to work on, and—even though you’re exhausted–you’d really like to be prepared for rounds tomorrow morning. Sigh. With so much to do, you’re not even sure where to begin. If only your mind were calm, you could do more and enjoy life more while in med school.

Enter flower essences.

Allow me to explain: Flower essences are aqueous infusions of flowers that elevate your state of mind through the acupuncture meridians. Flower essences are therefore like acupuncture without the needles.

Used regularly, these essences elevate mood, and enhance clarity of mind and peacefulness. The science behind it is the physics principle known as sympathetic resonance. Sympathetic resonance is a harmonic phenomenon wherein a formerly passive string or vibratory body responds to external vibrations to which it has a harmonic likeness; for example, if you have a guitar on the table in front of you and sing the F note across the strings, the F string will buzz in resonance with your voice.

The same principle can be applied to flowers. Recall how good it feels to be in a field of flowers, or walking though a green forest— well, oxygen is not the only invisible benefit that plants and flowers impart to us! They also emit subtle vibrations that are invisible to the naked eye, but that nonetheless strike a chord within us that helps re-balance our bodies and minds.

There are countless flowers on the planet, and each flower has a specific benefit to help you resonate at your best. The Quiet Mind formulation of flowers is likely the med school student’s best friend: it quiets the mind, relaxes tension, and helps you sleep like a baby at night. Additionally, It enhances clarity, focus, and concentration, keys to being successful in med school, and life, in general.

Quiet Mind (which includes essences from Bird of Paradise, Dandelion, and Passionflower) is one I commonly recommend to clients who are business and health leaders—individuals who need to accomplish Herculean tasks in society, and do so by being calm and centered on the inside. Dr. Andrew Weil and Dr. Frank Lipman, for instance, are two well-known and innovative MD’s who support the use of these flower essences.

Flower essences are administered a couple of different ways:

·      Elixir: a blend of flower essences, which are traditionally taken internally–put a dropper-full in your water bottle and drink it throughout the day.

·      Mist: A blend of flower essences & essential oils–beyond their beautiful scent, one spritz will recharge you after a noon conference, before a long call, or after being on your feet for hours.

·      Serum: For individuals who enjoy applying an all-natural oil into the palms of their hands or soles of their feet. Perfect for hands chafed from copious hospital hand-washing.

When used on a daily basis, you can expect a significant difference in your state of mind in 4-5 days or less. During the last 12 years of my private consultation practice, I have not found anything that reduces stress as effectively as flower essences. So if you find yourself in a constant state of overwhelm or mental exhaustion, give them a try. All formulations fit perfectly in your pant pockets, coat pockets, or day bag.

From our lush gardens to your hospital halls, we at Lotus Wei wish you well on your journey and hope that you find your balance in a way that resonates with you.


About the author

Founder of Lotus Wei, Katie Hess has conducted 12 years of empirical research with flower essences through private consultations with clients. She hand-collects flower essences worldwide, seeking out the flowers that benefit people most today. Curious to know more? Choose the flower you’re most attracted to and find out what it means:

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