The Bones manifesto

Bones is at once a skeleton and yet so much more.

As a skeleton, Bones is a complex interlinkage of, well, bones. But dig a little deeper, and you’ll see that his endoskeletal frame belies the fundamental similarity and connection between all human beings. You agree? Stripped of our skin—of our outer layers of fashion, fascia, age, sex, education, income, beliefs—we all look like skeletons. Yup, we’re all the same, bony creatures. And Bones represents that. He represents the shared, physical framework of our humanity.

Amazingly, what is commonly considered to be the single, human skeleton, is, in fact, the composite of two skeletal structures: (1) the ancient axial skeleton, comprised of the skull, ribs, and vertebral column, and (2) the more recent appendicular skeleton, which includes all of the bones of the upper and lower extremities, and evolved along with humankind’s ability to walk on two legs. That’s right: our skeletons are comprised of living, breathing bone that both underlies and abets our very existence. Try playing golf without a skeleton, let alone building a golf course without one.

And so it is that Bones has accompanied humankind on our individual journeys. But the story of the skeleton doesn’t stop there: our physical frames have gone forth and manifested similar structures throughout society—in fact, forming our societies. Skeletal structures are present everywhere—from providing the framework that supports buildings and outlines books, to promoting cultural traditions like Dia de los Muertos and Halloween. And let’s not forget pop-cultural icons like Pirates of the Carribean, Skeletor, or the Grateful Dead.

It’s no mean feat representing humanity… but Bones takes it in stride. He’s cool like that. Check him out (or the closest skeleton to you), and you’ll see that he smiles in a sort of gleefully sardonic, all-knowing way. And now you know why—it’s because Bones knows. And he knows that you know, too. His smile is actually an invitation for you to take on the mission of representing your own, particular humanity. Fear not, he’ll help you with the task!

In the meantime… know that Bones is not all gravitas.  He’s also fun & games. He has likes, dislikes, joy, grief, favorite party spots, certain color boas he prefers to wear over others…you know, common concerns of the everyman. All will be revealed in due time, so stay tuned to find out more about this wild man they call Bones!

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