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What is this site?

1. A way to learn & teach anatomy. This site provides free access to the living anatome curriculum for those interested in teaching it (or just seeing what it is). To this extent, the content includes: class outlines, teaching tips, logistical considerations, resource links, and a living anatome blog.

2. A forum for treating your anatomy well. Health is hard, and especially so on the wards. We want to not only help you teach others about anatomy (and learn more about yours in the process), but also help you take care of it. To this extent, there are two blogs you may contribute to and/or comment on: “Staying Healthy on the Wards,” and “Bones Says.”

Can you tell me more about the blogs?

Absolutely. There are three different blog threads:

  • living anatome (LA): This blog gives you the power to shape the LA curriculum and support its teaching at your institution. It’s the place you get to ask how others got it into their schools, give tips on fun ways you developed to teach the anatomy of the knee, comment on its place in a medical curriculum, etc.
  • Staying Healthy on the Wards: This blog discusses why it’s so darn hard to stay healthy on the wards, and how we can work together to change that. You get to share what has worked for you, read about what has worked for others, converse about why having healthy physicians is important, etc.
  • “Bones says…”: This blog features our favorite skeleton, Bones, who will give applicable advice on how to keep your anatomy healthy on the wards and in school. His voice will come from various fitness professionals, nutritionists, and others, who are so gracious as to parlay their professional expertise to one of your current problems.

Why come to the site, let alone contribute?

  • To unite behind a common cause and bring the conversations that we all have, every day, into the open.
  • To share what you know, so that others may learn from it.
  • To ask what you don’t know, reinforcing that it’s ok to ask.
  • To do something about the fact that our well-being is intimately connected with the wellbeing of all those who surround us.

How can I participate?

  • Comment frequently, honestly and intelligently!
  • By all means, blog! If you would like to be a featured blog writer on the site, simply fill out our contact form and let us know that you are interested. We’ll be in touch shortly!
  • Show the site to your friends & get them involved. Because the site is totally free, there’s no income, so there’s no marketing money. Everyone from our fantastic web developer to our fitness pros, to us and you, contribute to this site from the goodness of our hearts. So whether you’ve got mad web skills, the heart of a blogger, or just gumption, we’d love to hear from you & have you participate.

Does the site have plans for the future?

Well, sure! We’d love to create a more robust living anatome curriculum, have our “Bones says” fitness pros visit more frequently, create interactive chat rooms… the list goes on and on. But all of that takes time and money… so as we encounter both, the site will become more robust. In the meantime, we’ll see how the site grows organically, and be able to mold it so that it is & always continues to be, by the people and for the people.

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